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News Writer/Editor/Producer
CBS Corporation| Los Angeles, CA

# News Writer/Editor/Producer **REF#:** 24312 **CBS BUSINESS UNIT:** CBS Radio **JOB TYPE:** Part-Time (without benefits) **JOB SCHEDULE:** Part-Time **JOB LOCATION:** Los Angeles, CA, US **ABOUT US:** CBS RADIO is one of the largest major-market broadcast media operators in the United States and the undisputed leader in news and sports radio. Producing original audio and video content, live events and exclusive…

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Sports Media – Comedy Writer – Producer
WorkInSports | Los Angeles, CA

Job Description FOX Sports Productions is seeking a skilled comedy writer with production experience and strong knowledge of sports to provide creative ideas and pitches for teases, essays, …

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Technical writer
Collabera | Torrance, CA

Technical writer Job Summary: We are looking for a Technical Writer who would supplement SQL development and documentation of processes for production deployment. Responsibilities: Develop robust data dictionaryCreate all supporting user guides and admin guides. Create Sharepoint site to house all documentation and reference documentsProvide suppleme…

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Copy Writer
Golden State Warriors| Oakland, CA

Come join the Golden State Warriors team in Oakland, CA as a Copy Writer.The Copy Writer will be tasked with:- Creating marketing campaigns.- Coping and editing materials.- Writing emails and newsletters.Copy Writers will need some prior related experience and have excellent communication skills.Apply to become a Copy Writer today!



On average, each corporate job opening attracts 250 resumes.

How will your resume get noticed?
There is a solution. SimplyJobs has developed 3 tips to help you get your resume noticed by recruiters and hiring managers. You can build your resume online for free here.

1) Use specific keywords from job postings
Studies show that recruiters take on average 6 seconds to view a resume. Make sure the right keywords are perfectly clear on your resume. For example if you’re applying for a programming job that requires Java, Python and C++, these skills should not be hidden deep in your resume. Job descriptions will usually tell you which skills are required for a job. Make sure your resume reflects that. Search for job descriptions from top companies with a free account.

2) Seek out personal contact
Your chances of getting noticed go up dramatically if you can make personal contact with the recruiter or hiring manager. Tap your social network to see if you have friends who work at the companies you’re considering. They may be able to help you get a foot in the door. If you don’t have any connections, you can still increase your chances of getting noticed by contacting the right person. Rather than just letting your resume go to a generic inbox like, you can get personal by calling the company and simply asking “Hi, do you have the email address for your hiring manager?”

If you have the person’s name that’s even better.

3) Customize & simplify your resume & cover letter
Cover letters are not required, but they are almost useless if you use a form letter for every company you apply to. Customizing your cover letter lets you fully explain how your background can benefit the specific job opening. Keep it simple.

Avoid cliche phrases and show you can be concise. Tailor your resume for each company you approach to show how your skills match exactly what they’re looking for.

Good luck with your job search! Contact our experts if you need help along the way.

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